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Mystery - Comedy - Crime

68 min. - G - 2007

In this hysterical mystery-comedy, the wealthy British couple Edward and Blanche Fairfax have made their reservations for Shady Acres Hotel, an off-the-beaten-path hotel in the middle of New England. The hotel's staff, including hotel owner Henrietta Clifford, klutzy desk clerk Basil, and grumpy chef Stew LaRoache, are eager to have the celebrities at their hotel, but someone has slipped Blanche a sedative and has made off with her priceless diamond necklace! The police force, headed by Chief Della Wickfield, is hot on the case, but so is the incompetent Detective Philip Thorton! Is an all-out mystery to figure out whodunit where you become the detective in the all-new Shady Acres Super Sleuth intermission game! After witnessing the guests' arrivals, the dastardly crime, and the police interrogations, you get to navigate around Shady Acres, trying to crack the case. But is someone conspiring against you, determined to preserve the hotel's secrets and hide the solution? Could it be Alfred and Ingrid Brightham, an older couple who compulsively steal everything around them? Is it Audrey Rochester, that dashing secretary who was once engaged to Edward Fairfax? Was the necklace taken by Stanley Larson, a friend of Henrietta who can not pay off his hotel bill? Or was it taken by the hotel's underpaid staff? And just who is Mr. X, anyway? Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.



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