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Promotion - Not Rated - 2014

Get out your party hat and celebrate like there's no tomorrow, because Mustache Maniacs Film Co. turns 10 years old in 2014! On April 18, 2004, Mustache Maniacs Film Co. was officially founded as Daniel and Andrew Film Co. At that time, we had no idea that we would come this far in film-making. What started out as playtime in the backyard has now evolved into spectacular storytelling and animation, with professional goals in mind. Join us in the revelry with a year-long celebration that will include new movies, old re-releases, contests, and more fun! So pull out your Maui Maui, dance like Wobbles the dodo, and tickle yourself silly with a fluttering, funny, feather, because all the fun and excitement is happening here! To commemorate this special day, a special tribute montage is also featured, extended from the second fan choice awards version. Happy birthday to us!

Crazy Birthday E-Card Contest

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we challenged our fans to make an animated birthday card that celebrates our first ten years! Prizes included some of our films on DVD and actual LEGO sets! (Concluded)


A Poem for Mustache Maniacs (TLFScarheart)

Mustache Maniacs Film Co. E-Card Contest Entry (Marcus Hutchinson)

Archive Collections

Look back at our first ten years with this exploration of our archives! From artwork and photos to storyboards and props, check out this unique behind-the-scenes look at all of our various films, where we even share stories from the set!

Deleted Scenes

Learn more about

What Was Cut

Movie Releases

The following films were released as part of "Ten Years of Going Crazy!"

Movie Releases

The following films were released as part of "Ten Years of Going Crazy!"

The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards


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